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Utlunta/Spearfinger (Inuit) - Frost Hags that work for the Ice Queen. Their terrible fingers are powerful like spears and can penetrate most matter with ease. While they serve under the Ice Queens reign together with Yuki-Onna, they hate their pretty "allies" with passion. Their middle fingers are even longer than the other fingers, much like the Aye Aye.

Sedna Native Goddess of the Sea and Queen from the Eskimo Underworld Adlivun. She is a menacing hag with 1 eye, absolutely no fingers, and a large puffed up body. She’s at times portrayed as a walrus.

Beyla, the bee goddess with influence over sweetness, wisdom and mead.

Inuit language- I once knew it, should brush up on the symbols /pin/141019032052203482/

Inuit parents would tell their children tales of the Qualupalik, a creature with long hair, green skin, and long fingernails. They lurked under the ice, waiting to take disobedient children with them underwater in their amuatik, a pouch that mothers would carry their young in.

Chenoo (Native American) - Elementals made from pure ice, they look like ice golems. They guard the Ice Queen and are also made by her. The only way to kill them for good is to melt their frozen heart.


Isitoq (Inuit) - Also known as Cold Stare, Frost Eyes and Ice Watchers, these eyeball-like horrors are the spies and guardians of the vile Snow Queen. Their cold stares can freeze a creature into a thick layer of magical ice, they rarely kill interlopers, but mostly bring their icy statues before their Queen who collects them. The Snow Queen can also look through any of their many eyes and speak through their mouths.