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Utlunta/Spearfinger (Inuit) - Frost Hags that work for the Ice Queen. Their terrible fingers are powerful like spears and can penetrate most matter with ease. While they serve under the Ice Queens reign together with Yuki-Onna, they hate their pretty "allies" with passion. Their middle fingers are even longer than the other fingers, much like the Aye Aye.

Nekomata (Japanese) (Upgrade = Amonajaku) - Strange shapeshifters that take the forms of cute little kittens to lure prey into a false sense of safety so they can be transported by their prey into towns unnoticed. Their true form is that of a huge cat/baboon/lizard like horror. They are also close related with Djinns, they can forfill desires, but at the cost of your soul.

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The wendigo is a cannibalistic demon that hungers for the flesh of magical humans. It is actually a spirit that possesses and warps the body of it's victims. Once the host begins to rot, it will seek out a new body to prevent its own death.

Toshiyuki Enoki

Indus worm- medieval legend: a giant white worm that lived in the Indus River. It was carnivorous, dragging into the river oxen, camels, and even humans. By day it slept in the rivers mud, but by nightfall it emerged to feed on anything that crossed its path.

Inuit language- I once knew it, should brush up on the symbols /pin/141019032052203482/

Eloko (pl, Biloko) is a term in a Mongo-Nkundo language referring to a kind of dwarf-like creature that lives in the forests. They are believed to be the spirits of ancestors of the people living there. Legend has it that they haunt the forest because they have some grudge to settle with the living and are generally quite vicious. Biloko live in the densest and darkest part of the rain forest in central Zaire, jealously and ferociously guarding their treasures: the game and the rare fruits…