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Elusive rainbow toad photographed in colour for the first time, after almost a century in hiding

Mysterious: The Samba steam toad, also known as the Bornean rainbow toad, was only known through illustrations until photographed by scientists


Lost Rainbow Toad Found After 87 Years

Lost Rainbow Toad: Herpetologists at Conservation International have rediscovered the exotic Sambas stream toad (aka Borneo rainbow toad, aka Ansonia latidisca) after 87 years of evasion, and released the first ever photographs of the brightly colored amphibian.

The colors are so vibrant and intense. It is a symphony of color


American Toad Care

Toad care

poison dart frog | Poison Dart Frogs

There are eight different species of fire-bellied toad found throughout Europe and Asia. Despite varying slightly in size and colour, the different species of fire-bellied toad all look fairly similar having bumpy skin, webbed toes and eyes on the top of their heads.. The skin colour of the fire-bellied toad depends on the species but can range from brown to yellow, to green, to orange. The skin of the fire-bellied toad is known to be toxic to some animals including humans.


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