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I've watched this panel way too many times, or is there such a thing as too many times?

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There is no way that I'm able to stop loving you, is there?...

Teressa and Kai bonding. "Jerk." "Dork." He replied to her, frazzled that she had been so mean. His smile showed her he loved their play fights.

Tom Hiddleston as Jonathan Pine in The Night Manager

how many times must you be told to put your tongue away if you have no intention of using it.

The caption! Steve and Bucky - Everyone knows that Steve looks up to Bucky. It is more seldom that people point out his admiration for Steve.

EJ, I've realised not only has his hair grown in the time we've been in there, it's become darker too, it makes him look older, and accompanied with a stern, wise look, it's like he's been through his whole life, and come back to live it again.

Hayley Atwell and Tom Hiddleston. YES

Captain America. (Bucky, you're killing me.) photo tumblr_me0edspfb21ryddha_zps46326559.gif