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My Organic Garden Pest Control

My Natural Garden Pest Control

Another pinner said: Non toxic tomato worm control . I don't remember where I learned this, but I've been using this method for 30 yrs and it really works. Get yourself an old jar & poke holes in the lid. Fill the jar with plain white flour and sprinkle it liberally over your tomatoes. I've never had an issue with horn worms or other pests with this. I also use it on cabbage & broccoli with good luck.

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so many cool ideas for suculants (japanese site)

Brew a pot of coffee and let it cool. Pour into spray bottle and spray on plants. It freaks out the bugs and gives your plants (if they are the type that need it) a tiny shot of nitrogen.

Great vegetable garden - urban farming

Companion Planting: Plant this alongside that for a better garden.

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Eggshells as Organic Pest Control


Coffee grounds have been used as a gardening aid for centuries, and groups such as Ground to Ground are out there reintroducing the practice to a new generation. With so much coffee being consumed around the world these days, there is an almost limitless supply available for all types of gardening purposes, and here are …


Used coffee grounds + crushed dry egg shells = no blossom end rot (Alternative Energy and Gardning)

Organic Gardening: Coffee Grounds + Egg Shells = No Blossom Rot Just sprinkle into the soil when you plant your seeds