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カメオのファベルジェ,サンゴのカメオ,アンティークカメオ,ビクトリア朝のジュエリー,宝石,服,選択肢,ジュエリー,Cameos 199

Victorian coral acorn earrings -- The Victorians had a deep appreciation of nature. Naturalist motifs were incorporated in to the Jewelry and Decorative arts of the era. Symbolism was also important to the Victorians. Here we have dual symbolism; natural coral has been delicately carved into leaves and acorns. Acorns from mighty oak trees were a symbol of strength, endurance and long life. Coral was worn as an amulet to protect the wearer from harm

belaquadros: Victorian mourning necklace (reconstructed)

10K Yellow Gold and Coral Antique Victorian Pin Round with Dangles | eBay

From a Japanese fine-art auction site: "Onyx cameo head of a Negress facing in profile towards the left, magnificently habillée in gold & rose diamond jewels like an Empress diamond necklace fringed with drop shaped pendants, huge gold crescent & girandole earring, bandeau tied with a knot over brow with plume linked by festoon chains & pendants to jewelled net over chignon at the back of the head."

Authentic Antique Regency Coral Tiara Diadème Empire Biedermeier Diadem

ティアラのサンゴ,サンゴの宝石,宝石サンゴ,アンティーク宝石,赤珊瑚,ジュエリー,ヘッドギア,サンゴ,Coral Tiara

Cameo late 14th cent. Frame c 1700. Materials: Chalcedony, gold, sapphire, third onyx, chrysolite, Mosuageto, peridot, garnet, aquamarine. Albion Art

Beautiful Antique Cameos | Beautiful Antique Carved Cameo

Sapphire Intaglio Broche Celebration

Beatrice Cenci Cameo of Sardonyx Shell 1850. Beautiful.