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glovedangel: lovewellwhipwell: Heart racing. Another perfect pair ;-)  Boss knows there’s a poultry joke coming up…*fluttering eyelashes*…”oh beloved, begloved Boss, would it please You to look at this chick whilst i grab Your Cock and Pullet?” i am SOOOOO going to pay for this, ermmm, fowl language later ;-)

俺の右腕がうずきそうなデジカメリストストラップ,ギャラリー06 : 画像アップロード

lush layers : repurpose leather vest, wool coat (needs structure) & princess dress. pair with black leather gloves, boots & hood

Arzu Kaprol F/W 2012-2013 Black Dress…

took me taking a double look to figure out what was arms and what was legs. y'know vinyl sure is hot (temp that is). I bet we don't sell too many of these outfits down here in MS. If I was that skinny tho i'd prolly flaunt what I got too. Like the gloves that I thot were boots lol ~Imelda~


『TIME/タイム』でアマンダ・サイフリッド(Amanda Seyfried)が着こなす華麗なる衣装に注目

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Expensive-looking navy wool coat with a little detail, leather gloves and a perfect classic bag...

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