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This is a Japanese green pigeon. 湘南地方では、珍しく無いそうですが、私の街ではとても珍しい鳥サンです。

Nara Sika Deer. - The Nara Park in Nara, Japan, is a truly magical place during the cherry blossom (Sakura). The park is inhabited by sacred Sika Deers which can be fed by visitors. When I arrived it started raining and both rain drops and cherry blossoms fell down to the ground. The deers came out of the forest and I remained silent, waited for the perfect shot. And it came...

the Green Pheasant is the national bird of Japan. Native and endemic to the Japanese Archipelago,

Japanese Green Woodpecker, Picus awokera: Japan only

#pheasant #bird Green Pheasantキジ

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Green Pheasant: The National bird of Japan

pheasants colors | Green Pheasant: The National bird of Japan | The Lovely Planet

Red-crowned Japanese crane. #Crane #BirdsofPrey #BirdofPrey #Bird of Prey