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Alfred R. Waud, artist of Harper's Weekly, sketching on battlefield. Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, 1863

Two little girls read a board advertising carrots instead of ice lollies due to wartime shortages of chocolate and ice cream, 1941. Getty//

Major General George B. McClellan and President Abraham Lincoln meet October 3, 1862 at McClellan’s headquarters after the Battle of Antietam. Sharpsburg, MD

Confederate dead gathered for burial at the edge of the Rose woods, July 5, 1863

slaves on a SC plantation 1860...pre civil war

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania Dead Confederate soldiers in "the devil's den". It was created in 1863 by Gardner, Alexander

Soldiers from the US 89th Infantry Division cross the Rhine River from St.Goar…

In one of the most famous photographs of the Civil War, three captured Confederate soldiers, likely from Louisiana, pose for Mathew Brady on Seminary Ridge on or about July 15, 1863, following the Battle of Gettysburg. The extraordinary clarity of the image allows viewers to study the soldiers’ uniforms and accoutrements, but the historian Shelby Foote has focused more on their body language.