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Xu Beihong (徐悲鴻) , 七喜…

中国の風景画,ファンタジー風景,絵画芸術のアイデア,中国中国,アジア,イラスト,試す,プロジェクト,Landscape Chinese

Japanese art

Forest Spirit

Blule - Forest Spirit

Calligraphy 昇 "rise" by SUZUKI Mouri, Jappan 鈴木猛利

Magpies by CF Tunnicliffe

Calligraphy 夢 "dream" by SUZUKI Mouri, Japan 鈴木猛利

In European folklore, magpies are birds of bad omen because of their aggressiveness toward smaller songbirds and their tendency to steal shining coins and jewels or anything small and shines. One folk story says the magpie was the one bird that refused to sing and comfort Christ when he was crucified. Thieving Magpie - Sue Allen

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Xu Beihong (Chinese, 1895–1953) Flying Magpie 徐悲鴻(1895~1953) 柳鵲圖