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タキシード仮面,月明かりの家族,好きなアニメ漫画,Aka Sailor,Sailor Mini,Moon Sailor,Aka Tuxedo,Mask Rini,Mini Moon

"Sailor Moon . . . Tuxedo Mask . . . You should understand that she is your daughter."

zombiexbunni: colettemarie: I must have missed them but these are actually the cutest Sailor Moon/Chibi Moon cosplays I’ve ever seen. I agree! their outfits look so cute on them n_n

Sailor Moon Eeveelution: Sylveon by on @deviantART

Tuxedo mask, Chibi moon and moon by Marco Albiero

The main Sailor Moon team. <3 I used to love this show! I think I still have it on VHS lol

My best friend, who joined the Navy, did become a Sailor Scout ;) My heart goes out to you, K <3

Queen Serenity, Neo Queen Serenity, & Princess Chibi-Usa

Umbreon Gijinka by Cloak & Dagger Cosplay


タキシード仮面,Sailor Moon 31,Aka Sailor,Sailor Mini,Super Sailor,Aka Tuxedo,Moon Tuxedo,Moon Elsa,Mask Super