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THE ATTRACTIVE BLANCHE BARROW. Dexter park Iowa . More Memories from Blanche

Clyde Barrow (3/24/1909)-(5/23/1934)


希代の犯罪者 写真特集

John Dillinger

A photo of Bonnie after she was killed.


希代の犯罪者 写真特集

Bonnie and Clyde in a peaceful moment

The Cocoanut Grove nightclub fire was the worst fire disaster in American history. It occurred November, 1942 in Boston, MA. 492 people were killed and 100s more injured. The nightclub was filled to double its legal capacity when it caught fire. It was the result of a busboy using a match to replace a burned out light bulb. The fire took off in seconds. Many exits were blocked or locked, the doors opened inwards, victims were crushed in the revolving doors. Today it's a parking lot.



A WWI poster from the British National War Savings Committee urges restraint in the use of materials during war time. It's better to spend on war bonds. Printed by Roberts & Leete, Ltd., London, 1915.

Portrait of Goyathlay (One Who Yawns), called Geronimo, Medicine Man, Prophet and Leader, with Medal. Part of Athapascan, Chiricahua and Apache Tribes. Photographer: Delancey W. Gill From the Smithsonian Institution. Bureau of Ethnology: Native American Portrait Photographs, 1907 Collection Care of the Wisconsin Historical Society archives