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Blacks are hebrew and its a true fact...Read your bible KJV...WHY do you think we have been murdered and struggled for so long...because we are Gods chosen people...and the world of nonbelievers against us....lewrn of who you are....This is he biggest kept secret told to man! The history books are trash dont teach your kids that junk...teach them truth!

1860 Slaves on a S.C. Plantation

A 1785 newspaper ad for a slave auction, published in the South-Carolina Weekly Gazette (Charleston, South Carolina), 6 August 1785. Read more on the GenealogyBank blog: “African American Slave Trade: Ships & Records for Genealogy.”

[People Activity- Politics] DAVID NEWTON's work at the History of African Americans and Freedmen’s Memorial Park A part of the History of African Americans is found in Freedmen’s Memorial Park which commemorates a pre-Civil War burial ground in what was once the Freedmen’s Town Area, a small Dallas community formed by African-Americans freed from slavery in the mid-1860s. Freedman’s Memorial commemorates the lives of more than 5,000 freed slaves who were buried in a once forgotten cemetery.

Although Yisrael is in the land mass of Africa we are NOT the same people, remember we are not a hamitic race but a semitic race.

Starving Armenian woman and child after reaching 'refuge' 1917, 1.5 Million Infidels' dead. Hitler said, after all, who speaks of the Armenians? While preparing the final solution of the Jews. the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Hajj Amin al-Husseini agreed

Civil rights activist James Meredith grimaces in pain as he pulls himself across Highway 51 after being shot in Hernando, Miss., June 6, 1966. Meredith was leading the March Against Fear to encourage African-Americans to exercise their voting rights when he was shot. He completed the march from Memphis, Tenn., to Jackson, Miss., after treatment of his wounds. AP PHOTO / JACK THORNELL