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I think Italy's been straight this whole time and has been only really nice to Germany because he reminds him of HRE and he really doesn't have any feelings for Germany, or he's just Italian and he's leading Germany on into a dark pit of friendzone.

Prussia - Hetalia

ヘタリアヘタリアやおい,ドイツヘタリア,ヘタリアの詰め込みます,赤ちゃん,Axispowershetalia Aph,Hetalia Axispowershetalia,Humorously Hetalia,Hetalia Season,Season 5

Rin Okumura (edit) by Tabanei on DeviantArt

Okay, I totally agree with Antonio's one. And why exactly would you want to FIGHT him? You want that man IN BED with you. I feel like Lovino COULD beat you up (mafia.) But he's too good inside to actually pluck up the courage. Antonio would be there in a second anyway. ABOUT LIECHTENSTEIN. SHE DOESN'T NEED SWITZERLAND OR BELARUS, SHE COULD KICK YOUR ASS WITH A SIMPLE SMILE. THAT GIRL IS SATAN. STAY AWAY. TRUST ME. JUST STAY AWAY.

「へたりあろぐ⑧」/「にのぬこ」の漫画 [pixiv]

...annnnd now that movie is forever changed for me