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Oft it is not the person’s behaviour, per se, that causes our anger or irritation, but our view of their behaviour, our thoughts and perceptions around it. Given that our own thoughts and beliefs play such a fundamental role in how we interpret and respond to the behaviour in question, the line between where the anger or irritation comes from starts to blur. Is it really “external” at all?

密買東京|片づけから生まれる連鎖|商品詳細 (RE BORN -testis-)

実はね、浜名湖畔に家を買ったのよ。そんである事情で自分で改造しなきゃなんなくなっちゃってね、逃げ出したくなるくらい忙しいの…昼間、自分の現場をやってから夜と日曜日に自分家をやってるもんだから身体がエライのなんのって(*_*)だけどね、嬉しい事に仲間達が夜手伝...,開放弦.ジャカジャーン♬古民家ソムリエ 愛だろ、愛。

密買東京|片づけから生まれる連鎖|商品詳細(RE BORN - testis -)


"A little cat meowing by the front door is the perfect welcome hone after a hard day at work." --Author Unknown



密買東京|片づけから生まれる連鎖|商品詳細(RE BORN - testis -)

About the corgi, in Tasha Tudor's own words: "There is no other dog that can compare to a corgi. They're the epitome of beauty. Apollo can't hold a candle to my Owyn. He has royal blood, the same sire as Queen Elizabeth's corgis, that's why I named him Owyn Tudor after my ancestors. Corgis are Welsh in origin and there are two kinds: Cardigans, which are heavy-headed and have tails that go all the way down, and Pembrokes, like mine, that have no tails and are more refined."