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chicken from Egg Shells?!

あふれる糸の海。ana teresa barboza

" I don't care if you partied last night...I wlll cock a doddle doo all morning if I want!"

Jean Luc Cornec's telephone sheep. Frankfurt Museum of Communications. 電話のコードが確かに羊の毛に見える!アイディアが好きです。

Today is the first day of the rest of your life!!!

Artist Gwen Murphy turns old shoes into works of art

Pole Pole animals. Manufacturer T-Lab Tirabo goods handmade wood carving with an emphasis on natural materials and

These animals need to be taken care of and respected. They are usually crammed into caged packed full and full of feces. It's disgusting! They have spirits and personalities and feelings!!

Unique Crafts and Home Decorations made of Reclaimed Coins, Keys, Pipes and Wire