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"Spartan hoplites at the Battle of Thermopylae"

A phalanx of warriors approach. By viewing the devices on their shields, we can tell this is an amalgam army with a Gorgoneion in the center, which originated as a Korinth device in the 7th cent BCE, but was adapted by almost all poleis. A pottery symbol on the left, which I have seen identified as Attic....and a white horse with wings (Pegasus), that is identified as pure Corinthian. Artwork by Guissepe Rava

Armor for elephants used by 17 century India. Q: "How do you make the enemy crap themselves in the 17th Century?" A: "Armored elephants."

illustration knossos - Google 検索

Xanthippus, the Greek (possibly Spartan) mercenary general, rouses a Carthaginian battle line before the battle of Tunis 255 BCE. Artwork by Steve Noon

Gothic armor for knight & horse

Yukimura ( Nobushige ) Sanada. Armor / 真田 幸村 ( 信繁 ) の甲冑

Athenian Hoplite, love the shield, and red on the uniform.