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guinea pig outdoor enclosure for playtime on nice days...a wonderful way to get them some great exercise.

I must contemplate all the thoughts before i decide if i disapprove.

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The latest Tweets from TOON MART 店長 (@toon_mart). 特殊造形&キャラクターデザイン工房TOON MART 店長。西脇です。着ぐるみ・特殊装具・衣装・小道具等の特殊造形やデザインを生業にしています。 【ご注意】特殊メイク、フィギュア、版権元からの許可がおりていない既存キャラクター衣装および造形物の金銭取引を伴う制作依頼。これらに関しては一切の受注をお断りしております。. 日本 東京

I WILL do this for my bunnies someday.

Llamas! we used to have one on our farm believe it or not. they look cuter than they act though...

Meerschweinchen Aussengehege, guinea pig outside enclosure

Here comes Peter Cotton Tail♥

Baby Netherland Dwarf rabbit. OMGOSH. Hey I just got one he's huge and white and his name is snowy I love him to death happy b-day to me!!!