extant 1560's Italian "Pisa" gown

ca. 1560 Italy, Florence. Bodice. Currently in the Museo di Palazzo Reale, Pisa. Believed to be from 1560, this is called the “Red Dress of Pisa.” It is a Florentine gown from the sixteenth century - it was found on a wooden effigy at San Matteo. It is housed at the Palazzo Reale di Pisa (Museum Nazionale). It is made of red velvet with gold couched trim.

Stuart (1542-1587) facing in profile towards the right. The frame is red with white details, and the back which is covered with a diaper pattern of red and green stylised floral motifs and white quatrefoils is dated 1566, suspension loop, and formerly hung with pearl drop below. French, 1566.

kimono 着物 / 笹竹柄 / 源氏屋(永治屋 清左衛門)

5. Parmigianino: A Beautiful Artifice by Antea c. 1531-1534 New silhouette of the 16th century emphasis of horizontal lines grown out of the germanic fashion culture.

The Detailing Is Absolutely Stunning

フルコーデ/美しいきものの世界 - 振袖レンタル・成人式の振袖|伝統のきものいしげ 着付け着方教室も開講(千葉・銚子・旭・匝瑳・茨城・神栖・鹿嶋)地区着物

Moko Kobayashi

Claudia Sleeve with Eleanora Gown - need to figure out how to make this sleeve

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