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gravity headphone (personal concept project) - Kyumin Ha

Twist by Abhishek Anupam / For different pencil size / red dot design concept 2012 winner

구조 장비 디자인 - Google 검색

The Chicco Ride On is a scooter of sorts designed for kids between the ages of 1 and 4. Read More at Yanko Design

Smart ideas for Smarter cities #graphic design, its like advertising, bench and bus shelter , hello huge advertising opportunities

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Electrodomésticos de Cocina / Kitchen Appliances

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WWF - One daily drop Living calendar on Industrial Design Served

A Better Strainer by Tae-jin Kim and IIDEA

#Brush #Button is #cleaner and more convenient to use than the conventional…

Tonfisk: Warm Espresso Cup Set White, at 20% off!

スタイリッシュ富士山!ペーパーナプキンが雪化粧になるペーパーホルダー | STYLE4 Design

The Art of Essence - Air Purifier

Somewhere in a parallel universe lies a civilization of #umbrellas that just escaped from earth. I swear, I’ve lost at least 20 umbrellas in my life. They just vanish, apparently. I’m not the only one, apparently. Because now designers got together and created an umbrella with a lock. Yes! The umbrella handle has an inbuilt lock (like a bicycle lock) that extends outwards and allows you to loop and secure it around any pole, railing, or piece of #furniture.

Not talking about the north and south poles! I’m talking about the metal poles in buses and subways. I cringe at the idea of sitting on a toilet in the winter, imagine having to hold on to a stainless steel pole for support during a subway ride! *shudder* Read more at Yanko Design

Florence Doleac, Adada, 2010

2015 | Sony h.ear in NC (MDR-EX750NA) | Source