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Dolls in Saami national costumes, Tromsø / Norway

Hardanger Bride from Norwegian Dolls 12 inches. A Hardanger bride, a fairytale princess, upon her wedding day she wears a crown. Dif in belt, crown.

Japanese checkered doll

Two cute girls in their traditional costumes. Kautokeino, Norway .... Kautokeino is in the northern part of Norway called Finnmark. .... Just look at those warm-looking shoes, probably made of reindeer skin. These certainly are cute little kids, and they look very happy!

Japanese doll - Ichimatsu Doll -

Traditional Saami shoes. Saami (Sami, Lapp) people inhabit the tippy top parts of Sweden, Norway, Finland, and even over into Russia. They were traditionally reindeer herders, and still breed and herd reindeer today. The curled toes on the shoes were designed to hook into skis, the traditional way to get around in the snow! Now you know where North Pole Elf shoes come from! Text by Aelfwynne photo by F.Rigaud for

by Mieko Minazumi

Same kautokeino Boy from Norwegian Dolls 12 inches

Dolls for the Girls' Festival #japan #dolls

bunad of Hallingdal ... Copyright-Laila-Duran-3 ... I loved doing folk dances from Scandinavia many years ago, but never had a costume ... a delightful springar was in our repertoire ....