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My 2.5 year old loooves this! My 1 year old mainly just tried to eat them, but he also liked them. We used 4 noodles originally. We cut them all into similar sized pieces except for two pieces. We made two of the pieces long (maybe a foot or so each). My 2.5 year old acts like those are trains (and other things). I didn't think 4 was enough, so we went out and bought 5 more but have not cut them up yet. We would definitely recommend!


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Micah 6:8 - must do with the kids for their rooms!

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What your baby can have and when. This is awesome! Type the food, or medicine in the search and it will say whether or not it is safe.

Mushroom onion and garlic cream sauce for pasta. I make this all the time but add white wine for more flavor. It is AWESOME!

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