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Have you ever needed a last minute gift for a cute niece or nephew? One that you know they’ll flip their lid over and tell every other 4 year old about? Well, you need Curio and it’s amazing etching abilities! This was my first time etching with Curio and I’m happy with the results! It was quick and painless and in the eyes of a child, it’s straight up magic.   Here’s what you’ll need to get started: Silhouette Curio™ Cutting Mat Etching Tool Metal Jewelry Blank Sharpie (optional)   Star...

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Debossed Watercolor

Hi, Virginia here from Fynes Designs. When I first got my hands on the new Curio, I couldn’t wait to figure out some new project ideas. First up I tried wood because that is my typical go to medium and I was so excited about the higher clearance.  But then I had to try the embossing feature, which led me right to watercoloring with the Curio!             To get started watercoloring with the Curio you will need (in addition to the machine and embossing tip): -watercolour paper -watercolour…

Hello, my fellow Curio users (or those hoping to be Curio users)! Kelly here today to share with you how to use the Curio Emboss effects feature. I think this is one of the simplest tasks you can do in Silhouette Studio® if you have a Curio, but it gives excellent results.   There are generally three main uses for the Emboss effects in Silhouette Studio®.   (1)  Embossing on soft materials like vellum or score & emboss paper (2)  Sketching with pens (3)  Etching on metal   Fortunately, y...

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Ink Stippled Scrapbook Layout

Hi everyone!!  I’m so excited to share this layout with you because I had so much fun creating it and playing with the stippling feature on Curio.   The stipple feature lets you create dots of an image and there’s a variety of patterns to choose from to create the dotted design.         Supplies needed:       Silhouette Curio™ Adhesive Printable Cardstock Adhesive Corrugated Paper Adhesive- Backed Cardstock Markers (or Silhouette Sketch pens) Silhouette Pen Holders (*optional – only…

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Get Help Navigating Silhouette Studio® Mobile

Getting Started If you have not already downloaded Silhouette Studio® Mobile and Silhouette Link™, let’s get you started by watching this quick YouTube video!         Now that you have both applications, we will walk through all of the tools in your new app!     Logging In Log into your account using your Silhouette login and password. Logging in will give you access to your designs in your Library, Silhouette Cloud, and, for non-iOS devices, the Silhouette Design Store.   Connecting your…

The Silhouette Cameo can engrave as well!

Create stunning multicolor sketch art with the Silhouette Curio’s convenient dual carriage.

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Embossed Heart Art


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Deep Cut Blade Tutorial

Deep Cut Blade tutorial #silhouette #silhouettedesignteam