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Ladies - Palmetto Soldiers Relief Society

I so agree with the this comment !! Small Waist Civil War Era Dazzler Dress Fashion Beautiful Woman | eBay- amazing pattern matching. Look at how dainty the pleats are and how perfect that stripe lines up! Love the short hair on her as well. Gorgeous sleeves, amazing undersleeves! She is just gorgeous!

"The lady with the little dog"- The Princess of Wales by Disdéri A charming piece of a session about the Princess Alexandra of Wales taken in December, 1866 by André A.E. Disdéri


ポワレからディオール、バレンシアガ等イヴニング・ドレス150年のエレガンスを - 神戸ファッション美術館特別展示 - 写真1

ポワレからディオール、バレンシアガ等イヴニング・ドレス150年のエレガンスを - 神戸ファッション美術館特別展示の写真1


Women Spies of the Civil War

Women Spies of the Civil War - Hundreds of women served as spies during the Civil War. Here’s a look at six who risked their lives in daring and unexpected ways. Here are stories about 6 including: Harriet Tubman Union Spymaster, Pauline Cushman Union Spy, Mary Elizabeth Bowser (a.k.a. Mary Jane Richards) Union Spy, Belle Boyd Confederate Spy & Rose O'Neal Greenhow Confederate Spy.

18th Century period Ball Gowns designed by Linda Leyendecker Gutierrez and Niti Volpe for the Society of Martha Washington Colonial Pageant and Ball in Laredo, Texas, 2006

Women's Dress 1850's Victorian - lovely