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Your strength lies in your intimacy with God. Seek His face continually; say no to what interferes with the most important relationship you can have. Abiding (remaining connected to Him) produces abundant fruit (John 15:5). He's good, glorious, He loves you!

聞けなかった心の中を 知りたいとは思わない 変わらない事実の上に 背負うものは 重くない方がいい

Beautiful Examples of Portrait Photography by Artur Saribekyan | GenCept | Addicted to Designs

Oh, awesome. It looks like a gridded beauty dish or maybe a hot light directly overhead with the subject slightly in front. So gorgeous.

【感動】過去の自分の写真を持つ、過去の自分をの写真を持つ過去の自分=おじいちゃんな写真 | A!@Atsuhiko Takahashi