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FRANCE. 1944. Normandy. Omaha Beach. French fishermen looking at the bodies of soldiers killed.

Members of the Royal Scots Greys cavalry regiment rest their horses by the side of the road, in France. (National Library of Scotland)

1945- With the end of World War II, political enemies of the Nazis are freed, except homosexuals, who are still considered criminals. Fifty thousand homosexual men will remain in prison, & will be refused any survivor's reparations unless they live another 58 years, when a Swiss banks settlement first recognizes their status as equal to other survivors of the Nazis.

Sicily Invasion, July 1943 USS Boise (CL-47) fires on enemy forces near Gela, Sicily, on 11 July 1943. Photographed by Sgt. Crosnon from USS LST-325. Note manned .50 caliber machine guns on several of the Army trucks embarked on the LST's deck, a precaution against German air attack. Morison, "History of U.S. Naval Operations in World War II" (Vol. IX, page 107) states that Boise's targets were enemy tanks.

El " Goliat " . Era un vehículo de demolición de ingeniería alemana con mando a distancia. Empleado por la Wehrmacht durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial este vehículo oruga lleva 75 a 100 kilogramos ( 170-220 libras ) de explosivos de gran potencia y fue destinado a ser utilizado para múltiples fines, tales como la destrucción de tanques, lo que altera densas formaciones de infantería , y la demolición de edificios y puentes. foto 1944