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Tarzan and Jane in the jungle, let me hang on you Tarzan, hold me tigh

Tarzan. That look! Yeah, I know every Disney guy gives "the look", but Tarzan's sends shivers down my spine. ^_^

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Disney's Cinderella (1950) ~ In the original French story, the slippers are made of fur, which in addition to being comfortable and practical, has a Freudian connotation in the context. The absurd concept of glass slippers is due to a long-ago typo, as the old fashioned French words for fur and glass are near-homonyms.

Tarzan (1999) i always loved this part and the font jane used. i guess i was starting to love typography at an early age ;)

Tarzan & Jane--- Just watched Tarzan with my little brother yesterday--- he's finally old enough to watch it, and I'm like: look, look, it's so awesome, I'm gonna cry this is so heartbreaking, and he's just like: I want more popcorn.