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Arson attack by illegal #Israeli settlers against home of family with 5 kids in Sinjil village 23 June

DrBasel Abuwarda🇵🇸 on

Stop the Israeli massacres in Gaza.

د.عبدالرحمن الصقير on

Nazis Israeli zionest.

Addoweeshخالد الدويش on

Those little kids got killed by the Israeli zionest.

Abed Aziz - Gaza on

Was this little kid a terrorist. The Israeli are the real terrorist. Stop the Israeli massacres in Gaza.

How can the Israeli zionest getaway massacring kids and women every day. Does the world see this or everyone is blinded in there hearts.

Tragic Photos Of The Destruction In Gaza

5 family members killed in this bombing of the Ghannam house in Gaza.

PHOTO: Refugee kids in UN base in Malakal, Upper Nile State of #SouthSudan May 30. #SouthSudanCivilWar

Save Palestine from Israeli Occupation.

Ameer Haider on

US no different than this sick nazis Israeli who is massacring kids in Gaza and let them getaway with there crimes. Stop your Veto.