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Ari and Dante, they destroy me. they really do.

Graceling art - Katsa and Po fighting. Poor Po!!! I love both these characters. Katsa was a great heroine and Po was a fantastic supporting character!


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₩ノヒ ̄チᆵ¥ᄚマ₩フヌ¥チᄡ ̄チヒ ̄ツノ│ᆭヒ ̄ツヒ ̄チᄏ ̄チニ ̄チフ￧ᄊᄎ←ᄎラ ̄チᅠ ̄チᄄ₩タン ̄チニ ̄チᆴ ̄チᄃ ̄タタ¥ᄚマ₩フヌ¥チᄡ ̄テᄏ￧ヤᄇ￯ᄐ゙¥ᄚマ₩フヌ¥チᄡ ̄テᄏ¥ᄍᄈ￯ᄐ゙│ᆭᆰ₩フヌ¥チᄡ ̄テᄏ￧ヤᄇ￯ᄐ゙￯ᄐ゙￯ᄐ゙￯ᄐ゙│ᆭᆰ₩フヌ¥チᄡ ̄テᄏ¥ᄍᄈ ̄タタ ̄チᆴ←ᅠニ ̄チᄃ₩ママ ̄チマ ̄チᆴ¥ᆬᄑ ̄チヘ ̄タツ ̄チᆭ ̄チト ̄チニ ̄チヒ│ᆭᆰ₩フヌ₩ノヒ¥ノヘ ̄チᆴ₩ノヒ ̄チᆴ¥ᄍᄈ ̄チフ ̄ツᄋ ̄テᆱ ̄ツᄄ ̄テテ ̄テネ¥ヌᄎ ̄チラ ̄チᆱ ̄チマ ̄チト ̄チラ¥リリ ̄チᄂ ̄チム ̄チᆰ

“I bet you could sometimes find all the mysteries of the universe in someone’s hand” -  Benjamin Alire Sáenz  | Aristotle and Dante discover the secrets of the universe.


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Me when I did something wrong and didn't say anything about it

aristoteles y dante descubren los secretos del universo tumblr - Buscar con Google

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