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UME is making a new mini porch now! it's made from great condition antique kimono silk. 100% Handmade in Japan. Check 'umetokyo' on Etsy or facebook #hollywoodstyle #celebrity #japanese luxury #luxury #handbag #pouch #makeup #silk #upcycled #UME #handmade #celebritystyle #vintagestyle #fashionista #japan#kimono#cute#handbag#lady#party

梅結び 平梅の結び方 水引 【さん・おいけ】 - YouTube MIZUHIKI "HIRAUME"




Coconut curry noodle soup 7

奈良 東大寺上之坊

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梅シロップ Ume syrup slow cooked

My Japanese friends,I went ahead first,HK is much warmer than Japan,that's why we get ume sooner! Always love ume,wanted to make syrup for awhile,they finally showed up but I don't have two weeks to shake it around,needed a quicker method,rice cooker sounds great,but I don't have one now.So I though - 218件のもぐもぐ - 梅シロップ/Ume syrup,slow cooked by rick chan

Another cute apron, back view. おりがみ | nooy / ヌーイ

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Ume Jam 梅ジャム

Love ume a lot,after the ume syrup I made for the first time,I wanted to make something else with it.Since I couldn't forget the ume jam/preserve that served with yoghurt that I had in Anteroom Hotel last year,it seems to be the natural choice. - 207件のもぐもぐ - Ume Jam/梅ジャム by rick chan


【ELLE a table】Pork wrapped with fresh Wasabi|エル・オンライン

[Recipe] Pork wrapped with fresh Wasabi / The scent of Wasabi and the sourness of Ume (Japanese plum) makes a superb combination!