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This is from a maiko henshin studio, but it could be a previous year's real maiko kanzashi (I don't know, but I assume that because there are so many, some might end up with the henshin studios) I love the spirals

This is the same henshin studio photo set as the leaves. It shows an excellent view of the back of the katsuyama (crown/bridge) kanzashi. Also, note that the tama kanzashi is green for summer.

The kanzashi for July is worn for a special event (Gion Matsuri). Every year the design changes, using cool motifs such as uchiwa and sensu, butterflies and flowers. Although the design for senior and junior maiko, the colors are different. The junior maiko's colors are 'bold' and the senior maiko's colors are 'pale.' This design (above) is for a senior maiko. [Translation from this site] Notice how the metal sakura taper towards the end, becoming smaller.

maiko Satsuki, geiko Manaha and maiko Koyoshi at the 2013. This year's kanzashi shows round silver flowers beneath pink and blue five petaled flowers (which look like kikyo to me). Gion Matsuri Maiko at Gion | by erez_shalom

geisha-kai: “ July 2015: maiko Komako and Hinayuu of Gion Higashi by ta_ta999 - blog ” notice how they have switched up the Gion Matsuri kanzashi. The dragonfly kanzashi was 2015, but the sensu kanzashi was a previous year

Maiko Umechie's blog, writing about the Gion Matsuri kanzashi 2014年7月16日

Maiko Ichiwaka wearing pink iris hair pin. Gion Matsuri Kanzashi of 2008.

2009 whirlpool and dragonfly motief Gion Matsuri henshin kanzashi イメージ 6

Maiko Syaka on Gion Matsuri day 2010