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I like the hoop in the conch...maybe a stack... Unique Ear Piercings | Pin Unique Ear Piercings on Pinterest

Pretty sweet piercings. I'd probably get this done if it weren't for the piercings I already have. Except for the gages. I don't like those.

Double Conch Piercing.. thought about it. But after the amount of trouble my conch gave me... never! Super cute though!

Tongue Piercing Photography

Tragus Piercing

Tragus Piercing | InkDoneRight Tragus Piercing A tragus piercing is a very subtle form of body modification. Most tragus earrings are low-key and small, although there are a few designs out there meant to dazzle. People who see it might even dismiss it as a common earlobe piercing…

Yukie deuxpoints chain ear cuff

Make Me Happy Earrings. Adorable.

Ear Piercings