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halloween 2010 by kouno-B on DeviantArt. PFFT! Optimus you're killing me with the face!!! XDXD

Smokescreen: hug time!! Knockout; smokescreen get the frag away from me!!!

I have a pair of shades like those for my dirk strider cosplay

request Coooool by Autumn123Charlotte on DeviantArt

Aw, look at that! ^-^ My second-favorite Transformer overall and my favorite mini-con acting cute! *//-//*

Jazz and Jazz by || Movie Jazz: I've lost in size, but not in strength! G1 Jazz: Oh really? Let's see... G1 Jazz: Let's arm-wrestle! G1 Bumblebee: Let's try what they're doing. It looks interesting! G1 Jazz: Please start. Movie Bumblebee: un. Ready... SFX: BAM!!! G1 Bumblebee: Uwaaaan! Movie Bumblebee: I won! G1 Jazz: Hey hey! Control your power... Movie Jazz: DAAAAAAMN!!!