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Western Dreamcatcher

Horse shoe dream catcher for sale! I think this would be fairly easy to DIY. I know how to make dreamcatchers and it doesn't look too much harder than regular dreamcatchers. It would look great in the barn!

Constellations...Orion's Belt or Cassiopia or Pleiadies or Big or Little Dipper

Crescent Moon Dreamcatcher

Crescent Moon Dreamcatcher made by Alex Behn | Shantiwinds on Etsy #dreamcatcher #moon #crescentmoon


diy - do it yourself - nice idea


みなさんはサンキャッチャーってご存知ですか? キラキラときらめく輝きは、見ているだけでも女子力が上がりそうです♪ 太陽の光をプリズムのように輝かせるサンキャッチャー。ぜひインテリアに取り入れてみませんか? いつも見慣れているお部屋も、光のシャワーが降り注ぐように輝きますよ♪

Crochet covered journals... or, take a lace doily, cut some cute paper to fit inside (cut to size, fold in half, and staple), tie on a leather string that is long enough to wrap around a couple of times, and tie a key or pendant on the other end