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Gadgets that let you see into the future

Worn on the stomach, the DFree predicts the timing of bowel movements by using an ultrasonic sensor to scan activity in the bowels. Data is sent via Bluetooth to a mobile phone app.

Time to watch out for those kids

Aimed at kids — or even adults who love all things kawaii (cute) — the Hello Kitty Figurine KT-01 smartphone, created by Japanese startup Ola, is just as the name suggests: a cute palm-sized figurine that flips open to become a mobile phone.

サーモスが真空遮音ボディの Bluetooth スピーカーを発表。VECLOS ブランド第1号

サーモスが真空遮音ボディの Bluetooth スピーカーを発表。VECLOS ブランド第1号 - Engadget Japanese

Gadgets and apps to help get up in the morning and enjoy the sky at night

The Planet Book, a free app by Vixen Co., Ltd., uses astronomers’ data to create a simulation of the solar system’s movements that shows users which nights would be best to get the telescope out, as well as which direction they should be looking.

Gadgets and apps to help get up in the morning and enjoy the sky at night

The NMR10 is equipped with a timer that can be set up to 99 minutes, and a regular alarm mode, should you also need extra help getting out of bed in the morning. There are three kinds of vibrations to choose from.

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Joan Cornet (Mobile World Capital): 'El móvil no cura'

This week is for Star Wars fans, train enthusiasts and mothers to be

Designed by creative agency Kayac, the app allows users to experience what it would be like to sit in the driver’s seat of some of the model trains in the Hara collection.

Be prepared: help from the Digi Police and a disaster-preparedness transceiver camera

The “Digi Police” app offers information on how scams work, the option to send fraud explanations to friends, a personal alarm, a police station search function, access to the official police Twitter feed and, perhaps the most useful function of the lot, it gives details of current investigations as well as who to contact if you become a victim of one.

Entertaining tech that you can slip into your pocket

Just in time for the “Rogue One” release, SoftBank is asking its users to choose their allegiance to the Dark or Light side through its limited-edition Star Wars Sharp smartphones.