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Japan's 'Experimental Creations' at Milan Design Week

Goto uses nature to bring to life possibly one of the most uninteresting construction materials around. Colorful petals, seeds and leaves are sprinkled into cement before the mixture is set into large bowl and vase shapes.

Get creative and join the competition

The Sabae Urushi Award, a brand new global competition, is looking for designs that will help modernize and popularize traditional Japanese lacquerware. This isn’t about simply designing an attractive cup or bowl — entrants are encouraged to think “outside the vessel” as well as consider using glass, metal, resin and even 3-D printing technology.

For fine dining a la mode, Issey Miyake and kilns in Arita are putting Japanese aesthetics on the menu

Arita in Saga Prefecture is celebrating the 400th anniversary of its ceramics industry, and as home to Imari ware, Japan’s oldest style of porcelain, many of its kilns have been working on an array of new contemporary designs.

CORGA bookmarks #japanesedesign


滋賀の伝統技術が生きるテーブルウェア、キコフの展示販売会が東京・青山で開催 | ニュース - ファッションプレス

Japan's 'Experimental Creations' at Milan Design Week

For Jun Murakoshi, those distinctive groove lines left behind by 3-D printing make for a happy design accident. By printing his So vase shapes from the bottom upward, he found that the concentric lines of 3-D printing are reminiscent of the lines visible on wheel-thrown pottery.

A lesson in line, last of the summer design needs, and Issey Miyake's bright ideas

Issey Miyakeの,鋼製家具,夏のデザイン,Shinn Asano'S,Asano S,Sen Series,Series Couldn T,On Design,Japan Times

Whether Starbucks mugs or traditional Shigaraki ceramics, interior design is about the detail

On the surface, the Nendo-produced mugs appear identical to the plain white mugs Starbucks uses, but if you flip them over (make sure it’s empty!), they look like they are filled to the brim with either an Americano, a latte or a caramel macchiato.

Whether Starbucks mugs or traditional Shigaraki ceramics, interior design is about the detail

Moon & Earth and Sun & Moon timepieces, designed by Naoya Matsuo, use color and shapes instead of oh-so-conformist numbers.

As 2014 truly kicks in, On:Design’s favorites are coming up with the goods

Teruhiro Yanagihara’s latest TY “Standard” pottery series for the 1616/Arita Japan brand uses traditional Arita porcelain techniques.