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Goto uses nature to bring to life possibly one of the most uninteresting construction materials around. Colorful petals, seeds and leaves are sprinkled into cement before the mixture is set into large bowl and vase shapes.

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Innovative products rethink generic design

The Gu-pa collection brings a little humor to boxes by shaping them into a series of animal heads — there’s a bear, elephant, deer, rabbit and hippopotamus, each with brightly colored accents.

lucano 3-step stool - METAPHYS #japanesedesign

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New furnishing for the home, plus the latest from Postalco

H Concept’s +d brand's zabuton come in variety of pop-color combinations and use rubber-like and felt-like materials.

CORGA bookmarks #japanesedesign

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The cat's meow of creature comforts

Miyamoto, Buddhist home altar makers, have launched Tayori, a series of memorial vessels that includes a special egg-shaped one for pets.

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After 10 years, On: Design columnist Jean Snow signs off — with style, of course

Cushionsan produces fun packaging products — mostly sponge shapes that both protect and decorate. Its new Leaves, however, are sheets of paper cutouts that can be manipulated in cascading masses of autumnal foliage.

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Whether Starbucks mugs or traditional Shigaraki ceramics, interior design is about the detail

The heft of Cachicochi’s Trip stand will ensure your bike will stay upright, while its simple dome shape not only camouflages the fact that it’s a bike stand, but is unobtrusive in the home.

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Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten sells the story of Japanese crafts

This limited-edition Japanese Traditional Art Crafts Edition Monopoly set was designed to celebrate Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten's 300th anniversary.

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Staring at the bottom of the glass

Following the success of Tidy’s Magnet Keyper (a magnetic wooden block that attaches to metal surfaces and holds keys), the brand’s new Magnet Hook is a similar idea — except, of course, it’s a hook. Also wooden, it looks a bit like a door knob on which you can hang pretty much anything, though its size and shape makes it particularly well suited for umbrellas, hats and coats.