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Playboy magazine covers from 1961.

cMag188 - Pepsi-Cola World Magazine cover by Milton Glaser / December 1961

Family fallout shelter (from Life magazine), 1961

Ernest Hemingway on the cover of Life magazine, less than two weeks after he committed suicide. July 14, 1961.

Sirens swimware ad "Mademoiselle" magazine June 1961

ROAD TRIP 1961 STYLE: Here is a couple poised to take an epic road trip into the American northwest, in our favorite year 1961! They came prepared. They've got their map and a spiffy convertible! And look at that scenery. They picked a perfect region for their outing. The American northwest - and its counterpart on the other side of the border, the Canadian west - offers some of the most breathtaking scenic beauty on earth.

Magazine ad for 3M Thermo-Fax Copying Machine 4-Page (1961). This was about as hi-tech as you could get in 1961. Faxes? What's next? Machines that let you tape your favorite television show? I think not!

SURF'S UP!!! Another gem from LIFE Magazine in 1961, this photograph shows the "OFFICIAL SURFING AREA" at Malibu Beach, near Los Angeles. Within a year or so, the surfing craze would hit the nation with a vengeance.

NATCO ad from Progressive Architecture magazine, 1961. Love those '61 colors!

A 1961 magazine advertisement showing KOOL-AID MAN before he put on all that weight and adopted the disturbing habit of smashing through walls. Lookin' svelte, Kool-Aid Man! Lookin' svelte!