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A pigeon-sized, four-winged dinosaur known as Microraptor had black iridescent feathers when it roamed the Earth 130 million years ago, according to new research led by a team of American and Chinese scientists that includes Museum researchers. The dinosaur’s fossilized plumage is the earliest record of iridescent feather color.

(photographer Osamu Yokonami)

7-egg Oviraptor Dinosaur nest dating to approximately 75 million years ago

Centrosaurus, Pachyrhinosaurus, Anchiceratops, Chasmosaurus, Protoceratops skulls - Triceratops horridus "Raymond" skeleton, National Science Museum, Tokyo, Japan.

Baby snow monkey - if his back is this cute, I can't wait to see his adorable little face! kn

Eotriceratops has one of the largest skull of any ceratopsian (horned dinosaur) known. It belongs to the same family as Triceratops, but lived earlier in time, about 68 million years ago.

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