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Tiger from a medieval bestiary: The tiger's cub has been stolen. In the upper image, the tiger examines her image in a mirror; thinking the reflection is her cub she pauses in her pursuit of the hunter. In the lower image the hunter, looking pleased with his success, rides off with the cub. (Bodleian Library, MS. Bodley 764, Folio 6v)

Medieval Bestiary : Lion Gallery

Biblioteca Nacional de España, Cod. Vitr. 24-2, detail of f. 69r. Libro de horas de Leonor de la Vega. Bruges, c. 1465-70. Artist: Willem Vrelant.

In all the South Slavic folklores, a dragon is called zmej or lamja. It is considered as "extremely intelligent, wise and knowledgeable" creature of "superhuman" strength and proficiency in magic, very rich and often lustful for women. It often breathes fire and is generally accepted as a highly respected being, and while not always being benevolent, never as an entirely evil creature (Dragon,1912. Postcard edition "of the Community of St. Eugene." № 5524. From the collection of EB…

Winchester Bible, 12th century. A jeering Egyptian taunts a Hebrew and is slain by Moses. Photo by John Crook

<流行達磨遊び : RYUKOU DARUMA ASOBI> KUNIYOSHI UTAGAWA 1798-1861 Last of Edo Period

Catalogue reference: MS. Bodl. 764 Object: parchment manuscript [England] Title: bestiary Date: ~1225-1250 Image description: Hedgehogs and grapevine; carries grapes on its prickles.The Bodleian Library Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts

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Book of Hours, Horse playing flute and drum, from a marginal cycle of images of the funeral of Renard the Fox, Walters Manuscript W.102, fol. 74v detail