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Relena Darlian (リリーナ・ドーリアン, Rirīna Dōrian?) (aka Relena Peacecraft (リリーナ・ピースクラフト, Rirīna Pīsukurafuto)) is a 15 year old pacifist politician from the Sanc Kingdom (Northern Europe). Relena is also the Princess of the Sanc Kingdom, and the younger sister of Zechs Merquise (ゼクス・マーキス, Zekusu Mākisu?, taken from German sechs, lit. "six") aka Milliardo Peacecraft.

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Heero Yuy and Relena Darlian/Peacecraft of Gundam Wing

ga151205 (883x1280)

Gundam Wing ~~ Inside one of the colonies, our five heroes find a moment to pose dramatically. Wow...

Gundam Wing ~~ Pilot 01: The Perfect Soldier by ~Nishiio, fanart of Heero Yuy