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An Ancient Egyptian Funeral Procession, vignette from the Book of the Dead.

#Isis was the ancient egyptian goddess of marriage fertility motherhood magic and medicine. Many myths and legends exist about Isis in Egypt and Egyptian literature uses several names and titles for this #goddess.Isis is also known under many different titles such as:The Divine One The Maker of Sunrise amongst others.Isis's position as a goddess of #magic where people would look to her and her cult for spells to solve problems. In some of her other roles Isis had names associated with each…

Make a paper Nilometer. Learn about Inundation: The annual flood of the Nile, Egypt. #nilometer #inundation #kids #activity #Nile #Egypt #flood #ParshahMiketz

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virtual-artifacts: Coffin of Nesykhonsu c. 976-889 BC Egypt, Thebes, Third Intermediate Period, late Dynasty 21 (1069-945 BC) to early Dynasty 22 (945-715 BC)

The Nilometer Island of Rhoda Egypt in the 19th century A Nilometer was a structure for measuring the Nile Rivers clarity and water level during the annual flood season From The Imperial Bible Diction

Ankh - "The Key To the Nile" A Flood Predictor! This Gnomon / Wand when used with a Volvelle can predict the flooding of the Nile. How? Because the Nile rises and falls with the moon and floods in alignment with the star Sirius. Predicting the Flood was considered knowledge from the gods. The word Hiero-Glyph means Planet-symbol. (Hieros is ancient Greek for planet) By lining up the Ankh with the Moon and Sirius you can tell the date (quite an achievement if you don't have clocks)