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R.i.p Greg Plitt. One of the good ones gone too soon. Nonetheless one of my heroes and an advocate of the warrior diet.

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Leg Workout Fitness Chart 24" x 36"

I relied heavily on this exercise when I was trying to grow my glutes without growing my legs. The kneeling squat can be done in a squat rack with pins or on a smith machine. Mind muscle connection is verrrry important with this exercise. Make sure you use your glutes as you descend slowly and then squeeze them at the top of the movement as you extend though the hips, not the lower ba…

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Your New Breast Friend: 19 Sports Bras For The Well-Endowed

I've followed this routine before! It's great! I always add cardio after the…

12 Toughest and Most Effective Butt Exercises Of All Time

12 Toughest and Most Effective Butt Exercises Of All Time - Seriously Aubrey

Back Workout Exercise Poster

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The Best Chest Exercises for Mass

A list of the best chest exercises for mass, including detailed instructions on how to perform each movement and helpful illustrations.