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Gamification by @victormanriquey: The 35 #Gamification Mechanics toolkit-4

Top 10 Social Gamification Examples and Cases that Save the World

Top 10 Social Gamification Examples that Will Literally Save the world by Yu-Kai Chou.

Turn Your Class into a Game #ArtEd #ArtEducation #Gamification

A New Perspective on the Bartle Player Types for Gamification

Game Theory. The theoretical utility function for a given situation would be the perfectly rational response to the situation. However, in real life, a player will add biases, perceptions, beliefs, etc. to that theoretical function. This “real” utility function is the yardstick by which the player will judge their own success on the outcome. The projected utility function will be different to the “real” one, either by posturing, bluffing, or pure incompleteness of information.

Learning Badges: Recognition of Achievement

個々の学生,達成,Badges Recognition,Learning Badges,Goal Attainment

4 Components of Game-based Learning [Infographic]

Gamification by @victormanriquey: Gamification Design Steps: 4 critical questions (II)

Guest blog / case study on #gamification used in an event. Learning is just another word for fun...

Gamification Icon Pack

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