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Print made by Monogrammist IS & shovel Formerly attributed to Hans Schäufelein Date1517-1537

A Landsknecht with a pole in his right hand and a poniard in his l hand; WL figure, looking towards l. Woodcut

A Landsknecht with a large plumed hat; WL figure facing front with his head in profile to right, holding a pole in his right hand; from a se...

Title: Das untreue Weib Tags: Landsknecht, Trossfrau, Dog Date: ca. 1535 Artist: Erhard Schoen Provenance: Germany Collection: Staatliche Grafische Sammlung

1543 Print made by Sebald Beham The standard-bearer, the drummer and the piper; the standard-bearer in profile to right, the drummer in frontal view at right.

A Landsknecht holding a sword behind his neck; FL figure, looking to left. From a series of fifty woodcuts. c.1525-30 Woodcut

Playing-card, jack of parrots -- Copy made after Virgil Solis, c.1550

Print made by Jost Amman Date1578

A standard bearer; WL, in frontal view, the head in TQ profile to l; landscape background with a tree stump at r. 1519 Engraving

Young Confederate nobleman and wife, pen drawing by Niklaus Manuel Deutsch, c.1515. This ultra-fashionable young civilian couple's clothes are almost indistinguishable from those worn by their more military-minded contemporaries. (Offentliche Kunstsammlung, Basel)