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*HERMES or MERCURY ~ Hercules,1997: was the messenger Olympian god, god of athletics, thieves, inventions + trade in general. Son of the gods Zeus _ Maya, the main feature in the traditions of Hermes is its role as a herald of the gods....

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*HERCULES-HERACLES ~ For classical Greek Mythology, Hercules, actually called Heracles by the Greeks, was a folk hero belonging to said mythology. Meanwhile, in Rome + in Western Europe became known as Hercules, especially thanks to the popularity he pined Comfortable + emperors Maximian, who identified w/her figure...

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I was made into a cartoon in the Disney movie Hercules.

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*MORPHEUS ~ is an ancient Greek god is the god of human dreams, leader of the Oneiroi, son of Hypnos and Pasitea gods, his brothers are Icelus, Phantasos and Phobetor, Morpheus was responsible for inducing dreams in mortals and take a human appearance to appear in them, especially the loved ones, allowing for a moment to flee deadly plans of the gods.