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How many movements are in the fluid? Only two: the top is a reflection (not refraction) of the two below. The dial modules rest in fluid for days to ensure that there are trapped air bubbles. The sealing plate sandwiched between the top fluid-filled module (housing the dial) and dry bottom section (housing the movement) is attached under the fluid so avoid air entering

The complex system of eventually fluid-filled gearing under the dial of the Ressence Type 3; these gears are driven by magnets so as to minimize perforations in the fluid-tight upper section

The dial of the Ressence Type 3: while it looks flat from this angle, the dial is actually curved to a slight dome shape

The minute chapter ring which circles the dial of the Ressence type 3. The small orange arrow at the bottom points to the date

The back of the Ressence Type 3 movement without the automatic winding rotor

Not the kind of component you usually see in a watch movement, but the Ressence Type 3 requires quite a few of them

The complex shapes machined into the component underneath the main dial of the Ressence Type 3

Light passes in a straight line from glass to oil, but bends from glass to air

Another unique component in the Ressence Type 3

Assembling a Ressence Type 3

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