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Beautiful white Turkish angora cat

わんにゃん@名無しさん ID:YDsWYFeU 昨日の今頃我が家の自宅警備隊長が2度目の脱走 前回は鈴の音と鳴き声で居場所がすぐ確認出来たけど今回は音も鳴き声も全くしない 缶詰め叩きながら小声で名前呼ぶこと2時間 やっと鈴の音が聞こえ

Turkish Angora - The long coat of the Angora is like no other coat, with a sensuously silky, luxurious texture. Angoras are fine-boned felines, and surpass many other breeds when it comes to playfulness and affection. They quickly form devoted attachments to their owners, lavishing adoration.


We found out our Goldie is a Turkish Angora. This photo is not Goldie but it looks very much like her.



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