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This is updated version of 2D style facial rigging . I improved facial system to be able to do more squash and stretch .Here are some pose and…

Animation done for test the facial rig. Rigs by David Corral…

HILL CLIMB GIRL - 日本アニメ(ーター)見本市 / ひな子 制服 表情集 影付け / #米山舞

It is a self study in FACS theory based rigging. I know nowadays we have motion…

アニメ私塾(@animesijyuku)さん | Twitterの画像/動画

Elizabeth – Facial Rigging | Sigillarium

ME!ME!ME! - 日本アニメ(ーター)見本市

BREAKDOWN 1. "MINDY" Responsible for topology and rigging. Created for the BYU…

アニメ私塾(@animesijyuku)さん | Twitterの画像/動画

Here are some of the more interesting rigging features I did for the prototype paintball character. The ik/fk matching and space switching are handled by MEL scriptjobs. The belly jiggle was created using soft body dynamics on a single joint chain driven by a spline ik. The face rig is done with about 50 blendshape sculpts driven with a Stop Staring style GUI.

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