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「ろぐ」/「ふゆすけ」の漫画 [pixiv]

公告文 對於之前清光錯眉色一事我再次道歉 正如你們所說在po中提及此事並非大哂因此我用photoshop把眉色染成黑色希望你們能包容我這樣的一個新手coser我承諾將來不會再有同類事情發生 但有人表示我是一個沒玩過刀劍亂舞而出清光的衣架我對此方面的指控有強烈的保留不論是電腦版還是手機pocket版我都非常支持 人孰無過我希望大家可接納我的道歉大事化小謝謝 [Notice] I would like to take this opportunity to apologize once again for using the wrong colour to draw Kiyomitsu's eyebrows I tried my hardest to photoshop them Please kindly accept my apology and forgive such a newbie like me I promise the same mistake with not be made again in the future For those who…