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Real Life Exp

Real Life Exp. | Kristoffer Borgli

友人の寿命,女の子の友人,私の友人,Boredingスクール,アカデミー,私は意志,お風呂,Ohhh Friends,School Loos

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She's like a shadow or something, I never hear her or even feel that she's there until she says something, it's like she know how to avoid triggering that sense you have when you're being watched. -Will, about Leslie


Janelle Cross, 20; lived in Melody Cove her entire life, is the descendant of the fire statue, can withstand any and all fire and control it, but cannot produce it so she carries around a ruler

出力,王女,Bathroom Closing,R2 07969,Rozier Step,Surburan War,Reckless Luv,Celestial Desire,Adrianna Rozier