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Are you? #marvel

it was just R E D #marvel


This is what I am now, and you’ll never know who I was before. #marvel

まるお on Twitter: "ヒドラ高校の不良バッキーくん(バンドマン)とアベ学の生徒会長スティーブくん caprain america marvel

This is who I am now. You will never know who I was before. #marvel

The caption! Steve and Bucky - Everyone knows that Steve looks up to Bucky. It is more seldom that people point out his admiration for Steve.

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Steve mentioned offhandedly that he liked Bucky's uniform. He wasn't prepared for Bucky to take off his hat and put it on him. It was too big for Steve and fell in his eyes, but for just a moment he felt like a soldier - just like his best friend.

This is the woman I love. A little bit messy, a little bit ruined, a beautiful disaster. Just like me. #marvel